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Safety Village Overview
Title Safety Village 2019
Period 2019.09.25(Wed.) ~ 09.27(Fri.)
Venue Exhibition Center 1, in KINTEX
  • 01

    reinforcement of transport safety, industrial safety and prevention of suicide education based on the 2018 government Announcement

  • 02

    Large scale program offering safety experience by life cycle and category

  • 03

    Leading the proliferation of pan-national safety culture through participation in ' safety vulnerable groups’

  • 04

    Fusion of safety experience with innovative technologies such as VR, AR

Disaster Safety

Earthquake, Typhoon, Landslide, Flood, Yellow dust, Heat wave, etc.

Fire Safety

Basic fire fighting facilities, Fire escape drill, Fireman experiences, etc.

Transport Safety

Safety belt experience, traffic safety rules, subway safety, Maritime Safety, Airplane safety, etc.

Living Safety

Elevator safety, electrical safety, Gas safety, Industrial safety, construction safety, etc.

Health Safety

Food safety, CPR, Medication safety, Smoking prevention training , etc.

Social Safety

Prevention of kidnapping and missing children, Suicide prevention, School violence, etc.